Two quick things.

From El Mercurio, a Santiago daily

From El Mercurio, a Santiago daily

First of all, everyone in Chile knew about Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett immediately, including their ages, causes of death and every date either had ever been to Chile. Santiago hosted a memorial for MJ, with a huge turnout, including several Chileans performing the entirety of several of his dances in public.

They is a great amount of American music and culture here, which never ceases to amaze me. Luz, for example, has every Pink Floyd album on CD, though she doesn’t speak a word of English and has no idea what they’re singing about (though I actually don’t either…). The café I’m in has a medley of classic music playing, hundreds of music videos spliced together, with everything from Walk This Way to Don’t Cha to Wannabe from the Spice Girls.

Willy Sabor, madman. The Latino version of Daniel Zarchy.

Thing 2: Apparently I look like a Chilean comedian (humorista) named Willy Sabor. I’m not so sure, but every Chilean I ask starts to laugh as soon as I say it, which tells me they may be on to something.

“Sí!” they say, adding “pero más lindo,” as though an afterthought to save my feelings.

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2 Responses to Two quick things.

  1. Thomas Todd says:

    Love it. We should get some of his stand-up and watch it when you get back. Muy Lindo! Ah ahahhahaha.

  2. lizbutt says:

    this is too funny! i like hearing your updates.

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