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A Nerd’s Metaphor for the California State Government

I’ve had my iBook G4 for a long time. I got it in the summer of 2005, right after high school, making it almost 4 1/2 years old, roughly 143 decades in computer years. It’s been very good to me, … Continue reading

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What are you reading right now? Do you like it? Would I?

Bonus points to anyone who comments.

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Procrastination is a Hell of a Drug

I’m back from Argentina, which I will talk about in greater detail soon, but in the meantime please check out THIS ARTICLE that I wrote for AC, as the cool kids call it, collects stories from all around and … Continue reading

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The Terror of the Chilean Seas

Thanks to my dad for the pic.

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A Lover and a Sword Fighter

Being 6’5, one becomes pretty used to comments about height, and the inevitable question of “Do you play basketball?” “No, do you play miniature golf?” has become my favorite response, but seriously, I don’t play basketball, or football. I tried … Continue reading

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Shameless Self-Promotion! Subscribe and win a free postcard!

This is not a contest, this is an offer. You don’t have 1-in-1,000,000 chance. You aren’t going to be entered into a big hat with names on it to be drawn randomly. No purchase is necessary, nor is crossing fingers … Continue reading

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The Plan, Stan (Part 2)

Santiago is a different city in the spring, which it finally finally is. Sure, the temperature still varies wildly and the sky is known to occasionally open up with a 10-minute rain and hail downpour, but for the most part … Continue reading

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Presidential hopeful Marco Enríquez-Ominami is taking steps to distance himself from a former advisor, Edgardo Lepe, who last month was found guilty for misuse of state funds to finance campaign activities. Lepe was found guilty of fraud by Valparaíso Judge … Continue reading

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The Plan, Stan (Part 1)

I’ve been wondering recently about my relative lack of updating, and I think I’ve traced the issue. It’s certainly not for lack of things to  write about, rather I’m accumulating a laundry list of topics that I really should mention, … Continue reading

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Sen. Eduardo Frei is seeing his second-place standing falter in the country’s biggest cities, according to a poll to determine expected voter behavior in the upcoming presidential election. The most recent poll by conservative daily newspaper El Mercurio and a … Continue reading

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