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Stuck in Bed Part 2: Still Boring

So fun weekend aside, my body is no more excited to be in Santiago than it was at the end of last week, so as I write I’m currently lying in bed, after leaving class on Monday and staying here … Continue reading

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¡Tantos Gringos!

Tantos Gringos! Happy Independence Day, everyone! Today started off like any other day: waking up at 1:30 pm, taking a cab to La Católica, playing “fútbol” for several hours, etc. The Caligringos decided to play soccer, on a back field … Continue reading

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She packed my bags last night, preflight…

Two pair black pants, check. One pair black boots, check. Two pair black socks, check. One black jacket, check. Three hundred dollars personal burial money, check. I am Jack’s overstuffed suitcase. I hate packing, especially because the time I’m going … Continue reading

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